Net Entertainment Slot Machines

Net Entertainment Slot MachinesNet Entertainment is known as a market leader in browser based gaming software, specifically for their Java based casino gaming software. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and all gaming development is produced in their home offices – nothing is contracted out as with many gaming software companies. Net Entertainment is a publicly traded company, listed on the Nordic Growth Market, symbol: NGM Equity.

Exciting games with unique concepts (HiLo Switch is standard High Low featuring a card switch option, allowing a player to be dealt a new set of three cards) appear alongside classic casino table games like European style roulette. Most games also come equipped with engaging and powerful management capabilities, like live bet tracking and game statistics. Some of these features are not completely unique to Net Entertainment – but these options have never existed on Java or Flash games on such a massive scale before. With over 20 languages (including 5 languages still in the "working phase") all available to players, and live web based and phone support, ease of use and international compatibility are not an issue.

Net Entertainment No Download

A traditional online casino will require a download for the casino software, as well as a download for each game you wish to play. These casinos are sufficient for players who have a Internet connection of Cable or faster, but for people who still rely on dial-up, and wish to play on online casinos, they must wait hours upon end for the software to download. This is primarily why the no-download casino games are so popular.
Net Entertainment has been developing non-download casino software since 1999. At the beginning of their enterprise, and during the late 1990s, the first fully Java based online casino was created. Since this time, the company has held fast to their belief that there is a strong market for these types on online casinos, which require no downloading. Due to the no download times, and being able to play right off the website, or your mobile device, these online casinos are becoming more popular, compared to the traditional online casino.

Browser Based Casino

The key advantage of a completely browser based casino is a game's availability. Casino games designed by Net Entertainment can be played directly in the web browser without having to download and install software on the player's computer. Over 20 unique slot games, both traditional and video slots, are offered, and every table game imaginable (23 at the time of writing) can be played through the Net Entertainment system. From horse racing and bingo to Texas Hold 'Em and blackjack, there's a game for every kind of gambler. This way, players are not tied to a single kind of gaming, in the same way that they are not tied to just one computer (due to the Java / Flash based software), enabling a gamer to access the casino wherever they are -- at work, at home or any WiFi spot they can find.

Net Entertainment History

Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 as the online presence of a Swedish gambling interest (Cherryföretagen) with over 35 years of gaming experience. Net Entertainment is known as a leading vendor of award winning gaming software. Net Entertainment holds G4 accreditation (accreditation geared towards recognizing "responsible gaming") and their software has been tested and approved for randomness by two independent third party licensing bodies. These approvals provide only a little bit of credibility to their operation – the fact that they've been in business for 12 years with millions of happy customers provides the rest. Net Entertainment has consistently offered new software releases every 12th week, as well as account management services to help make the most of your gaming experience.

Net Entertainment's managing company, Cherryföretagen, currently holds 220 land based casino licenses. Cherryföretagen is quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange, meaning they are constantly subject to public scrutiny.

Net Entertainment Slots Games

Of the 28 casinos offering Net Entertainment games as of this writing, only a handful offer service to US customers – the most familiar names for American gamers are Cherry Casino, Carlos Casino, Casino Euro, and Gold Victory. One of the only download free casinos that is multi platform compatible, gamers can play Net Entertainment games on a PC, Mac, Unix system, or even Web TV platform. Once again, Net Entertainment is noteworthy for its flexibility. Another feature of Net Entertainment games that highlights the system's flexibility is a feature called InstaPlay – using this feature, gamers can choose to download a Java or Flash version of any of their games for later play, even when offline (though offline play is restricted to fake money).

Net Entertainment's stated mission is "to provide the best Internet gaming solutions, using cutting edge technology and expertise." With years of development and casino operations under the belt, they deliver on this mission statement. The games are just gorgeous to look at – the roulette table is more realistic than any I've seen online (and more realistic than some I've seen in the casino – believe it or not) and I must admit I spent as much time looking around at the games from a pure graphics standpoint as I did playing the games. The game management features worked just fine as I was able to keep track of wins and losses in a round of free blackjack and even begin to organize my betting and stack up some chips.

Net Entertainment Instant Play Mobile

As one of the first, if not the first, provider of download free gaming, Net Entertainment is constantly reinventing itself and pushing the online gambling envelope. Just recently, Net Entertainment has taken their casino games to the next level, offering games for instant play on mobile devices, such as cellular phones, and wireless (think Bluetooth Technology) handhelds. At the time of the company's founding, in 1996, few thought that online gambling would be as huge as it is today, and the same can surely be said for gaming via handheld devices.

In conclusion, I can't say enough about Net Entertainment's lineup of casino games. Rich and precise graphics, extensive and hilarious in game animations, crisp sounds and gamer friendly functions are a natural part of the games . . . nothing seems tacked on. The online casinos featuring Net Entertainment games offer free game play, as is the standard on the web these days, and the Java based programming means there's nothing to download. Check out Net Entertainment's fully compatible and flexible games on your next jaunt through the online gaming world.

Net Entertainment Slot Machines

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