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Alien Slots

Alien Invasion is a three reel, one payline video slot game designed and developed by Vegas Technology. Vegas Technology is one of the leading developers in online slot games. Their game Alien Invasion can be found at numerous online casinos that use their software. Alien Invasion is a classic-style slot game that uses the theme of aliens, spacemen, and science-fiction. The images have a sort of Pulp-look from the 1950’s. The symbols on the reels are everything from Laser Guns, Spaceships, Galaxies, Worlds, and Aliens. While there are other slot games out there with better graphics and animations, Vegas Technologies has done a nice job on Alien Invasion. The graphics are clean and simple and the sounds fit with the theme. Whenever you hit on a winning combination, the alien head on the side flashes and there is a weird alien sound.

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Alien Invasion Slot Machines

The game can be played with one spin, two coins, or the maximum of three coins. The game’s denomination is 10 cents to $10 per coin. So if you are going to play the maximum bet, it’s going to cost you $30 per spin. You don’t have to be a slot aficionado to play this game. The screen set-up is easy to follow and you can keep track of your bet and winnings on the display to the left. The game does not feature a bonus round so the jackpot is accessible from the regular game. There is a Stop Spin button which you can use at any time. This button stops the reels from spinning so you can check for a winning combination. Its kind of handy to have in case you are impatient and don’t want to wait for the reels to stop on their own.

Alien Invasion Wild Symbol

In Alien Invasion, the wild symbol is the Laser Gun which gives you a higher chance of winning. The Laser Gun acts as a substitute for any other symbol in order to create a winning combination on the reels.  The Laser Gun will also double your payouts.

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Alien Invasion Jackpot and Payouts

In Alien Invasion, the highest payout is the jackpot which is 2,000 coins. You can win this by hitting three Laser Guns on the payline but only if you bet the maximum of three coins. Otherwise, the next highest payout is 1,000 for hitting three Laser Guns with only two coins. From there is drops to 500 coins, 300 coins, 200 coins, and so on. The paytable is right there to the left on the screen so you won’t get confused.

Alien Invasion Summary

In summary, fans of aliens and sci-fi will like this game. Also, anyone who likes simple, easy to understand slots will enjoy it. Vegas Technology is known for its straight-forward slots and Alien Invasion is no exception. There are no confusing rules, no bonus games to lose money on, and has a pretty decent jackpot. Even the next highest payout isn’t bad at 1000 coins. It may not be one of the high-end graphic, progressive slots but it is still worth a spin.

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