How To Win At Slot Machines

How To Win Slots

People ask me all the time – how can I beat slot machines? I know one thing for certain -- anyone offering you a sure fire method to "beat the slots" is either lying to you or trying to rip you off. I can't come up with a solid estimate for how many devices, books, eZines, and even conferences exist that claim to teach or help players make instant money on slot machines. The fact is you can't beat a slot machine – not using a plug (slang for a coin on a string), a mechanical tool, a book, or any kind of pattern or method intended to effect the outcome of play. What I can tell you are some Do's and Don't's that will make your slot play both more fficient and more fun.

DO Read Payout Schedules

Every slot machine, be it in a bricks and mortar casino or online, features a chart that tells players what patterns of symbols will pay out, and how much. This payout schedule is based on the amount of coins a player bets as well as what the outcome of every decision on the machine is. Why is it important to understand the payout? For starters, without knowing what kinds of decisions you're looking for (three cherries, a wild symbol, three double bars, etc) you won't be comfortable playing the machine. Also, the schedule will show you why it is important to bet maximums on a slot – the jackpot on a one coin bet may offer an 800 coin payout, while the three coin jackpot is 2,400. Which jackpot would you rather win? The money you win will depend on what denomination of coin you're betting each decision. In the same example as above, a $ 0.50 three coin bet would only net you $ 1,200 while a $ 1 bet would pay double that, or $ 2,400. There is no difference in the decision of the machine, only in the coin the player inserts. Know your payout schedule, and remember to bet maximums as often as possible.

DON'T Forget About Your Bankroll

How to Win SlotsJust like with table games, it is important for a slot gambler to be aware of how much money is coming in and how much is going out. Gambling experts will tell you that a slot machine's "feature" (like a bonus game, a wild card, or even a jackpot) will appear every 125-150 spins of the reels. Taking this information into account, it would be wise to take the total amount of money you've brought to the casino, and divide it by about 150. This number will help determine how much you can afford to wager each spin, hoping you catch one of the aforementioned features. This works, sometimes, but you should factor in the reality that the average feature only pays thirty times your total bet. Some features will payout 0 (like a bonus spin), but some wild cards mean as much as a 1000 times gain. Remember, this is a game ruled by a random number generator – having said this, taking control of your bankroll can't hurt. If nothing else, it will save you from having to tell your spouse that you lost the house to a one armed bandit.

DO Play a Variety of Machines

This DO rule has less to do with odds and averages and more to do with ensuring you have a good time at the casino. Most online casinos offer such a huge variety, you'd be foolish to stick with just one game. Besides this, each game offers a myriad of unique bonuses, video features, graphics, sound effects, and jackpots. Spreading your money around between games will not increase your chances of cashing in one of those novelty oversized checks, but it will keep you focused on the fundamentals of the game – paying attention to payouts, watching your bankroll, and not spending too much on watery cocktails. The constant up and down of drifting between machines will keep your brain working – how many times have you seen those mindless crowds at a casino, plinking their coins into the same machine without a thought? Stay alert, switch machines, and enjoy yourself.

DON'T Get Frustrated

If you'll forgive a couple of sports analogies, you should think of your slot game like shooting free throws in basketball, or making short putts in golf. When forced into such a situation, it is important for the athlete to calm down his breathing, fight off the nerves, and narrow his focus. One thing that successful slots players have in common is an ability to focus and be positive even when they are on a bit of a losing streak – and you will hit more than a couple of losing streaks during your time at the slot machines. How does one avoid frustration? Just like the athletes mentioned above. When you feel the anger rising up your spine, stand up and take a breather. If you smoke, go for a cigarette. If you drink, have a cocktail or a glass of wine. Switch machines, as mentioned above, or head for a table game or two. When the slots call again, your head will be in a better place, and you can get back to searching out features.

DO Your Homework

There are enough slot machine review sites that any player who doesn't do their research before hitting a particular casino (be it an online casino or one of the Vegas hot spots) is a sucker. My personal favorite for physical slot MACHINES is Slot Reviews ( the name is simple enough, and their info is just as straightforward.  Regardless of where you go to do your research, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of what is available to you in the wireless age. Do your homework, and approach a machine with a sense of purpose and a headful of knowledge. Most of the time, these days, you can actually play a free version of a slot machine before you step up with your real cash.

Slot Machine Winning

Slot machines are fun, plain and simple. Gamblers play slot machines because the game play itself is enjoyable, not because it offers the kind of huge regular payouts you may dream about. Sure, occasionally there's a giant earth shattering jackpot, but stick to machines that put a smile on your face and you'll feel like you've won big. Your time in the casino will be all the better for it.

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