Bet Max

A button on slot machines which, when pressed, allows the player to bet on the maximum number of paylines allowed on the machine.

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Slot machines want to make it as convenient as possible to make the maximum wager, so most slot machines have a "bet max" button. It's in the best interest of casinos to have players bet as much money as possible, since the house edge gives the casino a theoretical advantage on most every wager made in the casinos. Though this house edge is small enough to make the game enjoyable for the player, maximum bets offer the casino the highest profit percentage of any bet on any given slot machine.

Often, slot machine jackpots are activated only by betting the maximum number of paylines. Slots players should learn if this is the case on the slot machine they are playing, because the payback percentage goes way down if a player does not qualify for the jackpot. The bet max always assures a player qualifies for the maximum jackpot, though it also means the wager will be larger.

From left to right, slot machines often have its most prominent buttons laid out in this pattern: "Bet One", "Spin" and "Bet Max". Therefore, the bet max button will be on the far right of the button layout.

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