Change Person

Another name for the call attendant or slot machine attendant.

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This person exchanges money for casino coins or tokens. These days, fewer casinos have the traditional change person. While every casino needs a slot machine attendant to help with customer service as well as slot machine service issues, fewer and fewer casino employees on the floor will handle slot machine money. Instead, slot machines print out tickets with the amount of money to be paid to a slots player.

For one, this practice makes it more efficient for the casino, since they have less people handling money and the one's handling the money have no other job. In the days of the call attendant, the attendant would be called away from slots oversight duties to see to a jackpot winner's needs.

Also, the slots ticket process is also worth a certain amount of free money to casinos. Players must take their ticket to the cashier's cage instead of having money paid directly to them by the slot machine. Often, players will keep their tickets all afternoon, saving them up and cashing them out at the end of their time in the casino. In this case, the player might misplace one or more tickets, or simply forget to cash them out. Slot machine tickets never cashed out are like the slot machine never lost that money in the first place.

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