Electronic Gaming Device

Any modern electronic machine used by machines for gambling purposes. Gaming devices do not require dealers to regulate the game.

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The electronic gaming device is a generic term for several kinds of casino machines, and they are sometimes referred to as an EGD, an electronic gaming machine or an EGM. Types of electronic gaming devices include slot machines, video slots, video poker machines, video keno, video bingo, pachinko and pachislo machines.

An electronic gaming device is generally a modern version of a casino machine which performed the same operations for players decades ago. Most EGDs come equipped with random number generators to determine the outcome of the bets. Players stake money on the outcome of each round of play.

The slot machine uses spinning reels to randomize reel symbols. If the right combination comes up, the player win. One particular reel symbol combination is the jackpot winning combination.

The video poker machine deals the players a 5-card hand from a virtual card deck. The player usually gets one draw to improve his or her hand. If the player reaches a card rank threshold, most commonly a Pair of Jacks or Better, the player wins a prize. A royal flush bring the jackpot amount.

Video Keno and Video Bingo simulate the experience of brick-and-mortar keno and bingo, much like a video poker machine roughly simulates the action of a poker game.

Pachinko is a game played mainly in Japan, and brightly-lit Pachinko parlors are found throughout the country. Pachinko is a drop through game, where a steel ball is dropped into the machine in a way similar to pinball. If the Pachinko ball lands in the right spot, the player will win either more balls or a jackpot.

Pachislo is a variant of Pachinko, except it is more similar to slot machine games in American and elsewhere. The "slo" in pachislo refers to slots.

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