Pay Cycle

Slot machine myth which states machines must pay out after a certain amount of coins are deposited, and therefore jackpots can be predicted.

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Slot machines do not have pay cycles. The idea of the pay cycle is that a slot machine must pay out after a certain amount of time or (more particularly) after a certain number of coins have been deposited. A slot machine which hasn't paid out in a while is due for a jackpot and therefore should be played.

The pay cycle myth plays into the idea that there is a way to beat the slots. This is an idea perpetuated by so-called slots experts and slot players who like to believe there is a secret to the slots. Some suggest that a slot machine RNG has a random number list that it follows, taking numbers from the list in a set order. Random number generators pick random numbers hundreds of times per second, though, even when players aren't playing the game. So even if a player knew the order of the numbers, they could not predict when to play the slot machine. This also flies in the face of how RNGs are known to work.

If you hear a slots expert talking about pay cycles, you know they don't know what they are talking about. Even worse, they might know what they're talking about and simply giving you a line of bull in order to sell you a book, e-book or other medium of slots advice. Don't believe the slot pay cycle myth, and distrust those who peddle the notion.

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