Sizzling Slots

Slot machine that pays out an extremely large amount on its jackpot.

Sizzling slots is a relative term, though slots players will have a fairly good idea of the what a sizzling slots jackpot would be. The sizzling slot machine tends to have a progressive jackpot, though there are static slot machines which offer large jackpots, too. If the prize money is large enough, it doesn't matter whether a jackpot is progressive or static, when speaking of sizzling slots.

The term "sizzling slots" should not be confused with Sizzling 7 Slots, which is a particular slot machine marketed by IGT. Ironically, Sizzling Seven Slots have a smaller top prize jackpot amount (1000xbet), so it would not be considered a sizzling slots game.

Sizzling slots lure people in with the chance at huge jackpot amounts, but most players will get less action than they would on a flat top slot machine or a non-sizzling slots game. That's because the designers have to make up the difference when giving up sizzling slots jackpot, so the amount of winning spins and the size of lesser prizes must be lower to account for the sizzling slots.

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